We need lots of help passing out flyers to homes on May 18. This is the most effective way to get out the vote and to help us reach all of the voters in Norwood. If you are a teacher or other staff member and live outside of Norwood, you can also sign up below and we will assign you a turf. Canvassing will only take an hour, at your convenience between 10am and 3pm, ideally on May 18.

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Norwood is community. Our town. Our schools. Our first responders. Our library. Our roads. Our community.

It’s time to come together to solve our budget problems; it’s time to support an operational override. We are One Norwood.

What is an override? Get the facts  

Vote yes on June 3!


Why does Norwood need an override?

Massachusetts law limits tax increases to 2.5% a year. (Text presented over an outline of the state of Massachusetts.)

Massachusetts state law limits the amount that towns can raise taxes to only 2.5% a year (plus the impact of new growth). Inflation and some costs—like health insurance for town employees—have increased by more than 2.5% a year.

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